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Marcus Veda & Hannah Whittingham

ROCKET SCIENCE: The Anatomy of Rocket 50/100 Hour Advanced YA Registered Teacher Training

Dates & Location

Sunday May 3rd – Friday May 8th, 2020 @ Kobi Nazrul Centre, London E1 6QR (9-6pm)

Sunday Sept 6th – Friday Sept 11th, 2020 @ Kobi Nazrul Centre, London E1 6QR (9-6pm)

These modules can be taken separately or together.


For May training: £650 early bird discount (until 1st Nov, 2019) // £750 thereafter For Sept training: £650 early bird discount (until 1st March, 2020) // £750 thereafter

£1200 for both May and September 50hr Advanced TTs together

Syllabus Content

Course Outline & Content

Students will learn Rocket 2 and Rocket 3 sequences in order to teach these 'traditionally' as well as using the arcs to create themed sequences based on strengthening, stabilising and opening certain areas of the body. The anatomy contingent of the course will run alongside and within these sequences, delving deeper into muscles, joints, bones and body variations in order to understand functional sequencing, as well as when/how/if to adjust students in poses.


Inversions – All of the funky Rocket upside down fun. Exploring the wide span of inversions from variations of handstands, headstands and forearm stands through to fully supported shoulder stand options as well as restorative inverting, and how to teach suitable variations to different levels of students.

Arm Balances – exploring the importance of shoulder strength and stability (as opposed to relying on the core), looking at different techniques for straight arm balances as opposed to twists, and considering shoulder/ligament health.

Backbends – spinal extension vs flexion, exploring internal and external rotation at the shoulder joint, the importance of the position of the shoulder blades, the muscles that work them, and understanding hyper-extension. The big energetic poses, their effect on the nervous system. Healthy spine for life.

Hips – exploring standing and seated sequences in Rocket 2 & 3 with regards to internal and external rotation at the hip joint, as well as flexion vs extension and the important muscles that enable all these movements.

The Rocket

“It's an attitude not a sequence”: Exploring Rocket sequences 1, 2 & 3 as well as how to adapt for time in 60/75/90 minute classes.

Following the arc while straying from the path: Remixing the sequence for mixed ability classes and anatomical themes whilst keeping the intentions of Rocket creator, Larry Schultz.

Inversions & Transitions

A look at the transitions between postures as well as some of the classic arm balances and upside down-ness of Rocket, working out how to practise and teach them at various different levels for different students' experience.


“Rocket gets you high”:Exploring the effect of the different rocket sequences with a view to being mindful of your energy and mood.
Exploring ways to close the practice – ashtanga/functional versus yin versus restorative options


Exploring the controversial minefield of assisting students, in terms of anatomical variation and safety of both student and teacher (physically, emotionally, legally and surviving social media).


Exploring how asana prepares the body for pranayama, looking at nervous system regulation (and disruption) through various pranayama techniques.

Stability versus Flexibility

Including hyper-mobility, the tendency to prioritise deep stretch over stabilising, the important difference between useful muscle engagement versus unnecessary tension, and movement versus directionality when it comes to “alignment”.


& Small Print

The Small Print

Half of the tuition fee is due on booking as a deposit, the other half can be paid any time up to 6 weeks before the course start date. Deposits are non-refundable, but if cancelled in advance of a month before the start date, they can be transferred to another training (for full details see terms and conditions).

If you would like to discuss a payment plan, do let us know.

Ideally students will have completed a 200 hour Foundation Teacher Training to join our advanced trainings, but this does not have to have been in Rocket and does not have to have been with us. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss this.


Marcus Veda & Hannah Whittingham Anatomy: Christian di Giorgio