Good Life Yoga School
250 Hour YA Registered Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Dates & Locations

10 Day Immersion @ Saturnia, Tuscany
Friday 4th Oct (arrival day) – Sunday 13th Oct (departure day)
Teaching runs Sat 5th – Sat 12th inclusive with an opening practice Friday evening, and closing practice Sunday morning.

London Weekends @ The Light Centre, Moorgate
(Friday 7:30pm - 9:30pm / Saturday & Sunday 9:30am – 6:30pm)

22 -24th November, 2019 20 - 22nd December, 2019 2 - 5th January, 2020
7 - 9th February, 2020

6 - 8th March, 2020 3 - 5th April, 2020


£2700 early bird discount (until 1st December) £3000 thereafter

We will also be offering one scholarship place, where course fees will be fully funded. The scholarship holder will only need to pay for accommodation in Tuscany and £100 for course manuals and materials. Contact us if you would like to apply.

Syllabus Content


Theory & Applied (range of motion vs flexibility, bone structure, asana variations, assists)


  •  An overview of the development of 'yoga' and discussions on lineage

  •  Patanjali's Sutras and discussions on ethics

  •  Hatha Yoga Pradipika

  •  Updating yoga : 'tradition' vs evolution/update


  •  Principles of Vinyasa

  •  Bandhas

  •  Drishti

  •  Intention


  •  Ujjai/ Nadi Shodhana /Larry's Pranayama/ PNS breathing /1:2 breathing

  •  The science of breathing

  •  Sensible applications of pranayama


  •  Techniques such as Vipassana / Metta / Mindfulness

  •  The neuroscience behind 'altered traits' through meditation

  •  Sensible applications of meditation


  •  Effect on nervous system – SNS vs PNS

  •  Somatic experiencing

  •  Yoga for trauma and anxiety

  •  Over-stretching and over-breathing


  •  Teaching principles

  •  Sequencing based on the arcs of Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket

  •  Voice use, vocal health, repetitive speech patterns

  •  Cueing / giving options positively

  •  Adjustments – types

  •  Planning a class

  •  Guru complex/creating students who aren't reliant on you

  •  Music in class

  •  Biz of yoga – studios/social media/retreats/workshops


  •  Developing self practice

  •  Exploring different forms and modalities of yoga

  •  Reading/listening/researching – keeping interested

    Non Contact Hours

    This course will also require 50 non-contact hours, which include attending classes between weekend sessions in London, required reading and homework assignments.


& Small Print


Marcus Veda & Hannah Whittingham
Anatomy: Christian Di Georgio
Guests: Ben Wolff (lucid dreaming and neuroscience of alpha/theta brain wave states), Mark Walsh (embodiment therapy)

The Small Print

In addition to tuition fees, all students will need:

  •  Accommodation and food for the immersion in Tuscany, which comes to £660 solo

    occupancy room /£500 Twin shared/ £460 each if shared (double).

  •  Flights to Rome (Easyjet, BA and Vueling fly direct to Rome at around £80-£90).

  •  Transfer to and from the villa (we will be hiring a mini bus which you are welcome to join).

Half of the tuition fee is due on booking as a deposit, the other half will be due 6 weeks before the course start date. Deposits are non-refundable, but if cancelled in advance of a month before the start date, they can be transferred to another training (for full details see terms and conditions).

Tuscan accommodation fee is also payable to us once you have decided on your room option. If you would like to discuss a payment plan, do let us know.