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United States - A power of breath workshop

  • Triyoga Soho Kingly Court London, England United Kingdom (map)

Using the tenets of the Integral Yoga practice, in this workshop we will combine asana, pranayama and sound meditation to access higher states of consciousness. As Swami Karunananda says, "Asana is meditation on the physical body, pranayama is meditation on the breath and subtle energy currents within us; then we work with the mind directly, with the ultimate aim of transcending both body and mind and experiencing the higher Self."

We will be using the deep vibrations of the gong and the tribal beat of the drum to synchronise our breath and movement, first through Vinyasa (special attention to placement of the body in asana) then, with the energy channels open and nadis lit, we come to stillness, and join together in the powerful pranayama technique of ananda breathing - kapalabhati in unison. Interweaved is a “Nyasa” meditation up the spine (shushumna) taking the mind to a heightened level of clarity, ready for an extended savasana, with the gong bath sound waves washing over the room. You may experience states of bliss, transcendence, or simple peace... A united state of mind.