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Exhale Festival - Workshop & DJ Set

4 Beat Vinyasa is a synchronous ujjayi breath and yogasana flow inspired by the "Rocket" yoga system. Specifically taking the beat of the drum and moving with it, together as one. The tempo of the specially mixed soundtrack is designed to slow the breath down, to a constant 4 Beats in, 4 beats out, “locking-in” dharana (focus) with the moving meditation. Whether you are up in a handstand, a funky arm-balance or kicking back in child’s pose, as long as you’re sync’d in with your ujjayi, you’re on the Rocket. Til breath us do part.

Rocket, so called because it takes you higher, is the dynamic vinyasa system with a rebel spirit developed by Larry Schultz in the 1980s. Borne out of traditional Ashtanga, it breaks the hierarchy of postures in an attempt to make the variety of the rich practice accessible to everyBODY. Marcus will take you through the greatest hits of "Rocket”: the trade mark transitions, inversions, backbends and playful vinyasas threaded together with his signature soundtrack. Not "achieving" asanas but "feeling" them wherever you are. 

Earlier Event: June 29
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Later Event: September 12
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